Record label contract review

Dennis has worked with labels such as Armada Music, Black Hole Recordings, Universal Music, Spinning’ Records and can explain every record label contract term in detail.

Track review

What better way to learn than receiving condensed and to-the-point feedback by an industry professional with more than 15 years of experience?

Remixing / creating bootlegs

Dennis did official remixes for almost all A-list Trance DJ’s and has created bootlegs that have been played at festivals all around the world. He is keen to share his knowledge on this topic.

Vocal processing

Having done countless of vocal collaborations, Dennis is excited to share his years of experience and knowledge on vocal processing with you.

Music production basics

Dennis has taught people at all skill levels and will make sure to introduce you to the world of music production with fun and passion.

Building track from scratch

What better way to learn than building a track from scratch with your favourite instructor? This way you can learn a lot of things on the side while studying Dennis’ workflow and learning from his experience.


Sound-design can be a great way to give your own production that unique flavor that you cannot get with presets. Dennis will teach you all his sound-design techniques.

Mixing & mastering

Dennis has been doing professional mixing & mastering work for years. It’s his biggest passion and he is constantly educating himself further on this topic.